Gardener shares 'absolute easiest way' to get rid of ivy in your garden for good

An expert has revealed the simple yet effective method to eliminate English ivy from your garden for good.

The ubiquitous English ivy, with its classic draping over house fronts and tree trunks, is a common sight across the UK.

However, a gardening expert has issued a stark warning about its deceptive charm, cautioning that it can wreak havoc in your garden and even provide shelter for rodents.

Gardening aficionado Brittany Bailey, who writes for the blog Pretty Handy Girl, advocated for what she called the 'absolute easiest way' to eradicate the invasive plant that rapidly colonises outdoor spaces.

She warned: "Homeowners mistakenly plant English ivy and let it run wild thinking it's a great ground cover."

"But, little do they realize when not contained in a pot, this plant can soon cause serious problems if left unchecked... The vines can strangle the roots of a tree and can cause damage to the bark, plus it adds excess weight to the tree."

She further noted: "This predator creates a safe haven for rats, mice, spiders [too].", reported the Mirror.

The unchecked spread of ivy doesn't just threaten plants; it can also lead to structural damage.

The roots penetrate deep into brickwork and other structures, exacerbating cracks and facilitating moisture ingress.

So, it's crucial to get rid of this plant as soon as possible to avoid costly damage.

Initially, Brittany suggested that gardeners should gear up with safety equipment such as goggles, a long-sleeved top, boots and long trousers. Then, securing a strimmer is essential.

This handy gadget will help to 'create an open wound' in the ivy, enabling it to absorb herbicides more rapidly in the next step.

Vinegar is also recommended due to its acetic acid content which bursts plant cells and causes them to dry out.

However, if the troublesome ivy is focused on a tree, Brittany advises a more cautious approach.

Pruning shears should be used to cut the ivy around the trunk to prevent it from choking the tree roots.

Using vinegar or herbicide is not recommended as it can kill other plants - not just the targeted English ivy.

Simply cutting the ivy at its base should effectively do the job.

After a while, the ivy should die and become easily removable once it turns a brownish colour.

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Posted: 2024-05-08 16:56:42

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